WWF is an international conservation organization known for protecting fauna, flora, and ecosystems around the world. In Switzerland, WWF works to protect against the habitat destruction that accompanies increasing human expansion; as agriculture becomes more and more intensive, natural habitats are becoming more severely impacted.

The Foundation supports the Swiss-wide Natur verbindet – Connexions naturelles project, which has been active since 2015. Connexions naturelles aims to bring back and preserve biodiversity in monocultural farmland through an active land management program. WWF-Switzerland coordinates volunteers, the agricultural sector, and forestry companies in rehabilitation projects on Swiss farms. Project teams, active at over 25 sites across the country, plant trees and shrubs, restore and maintain ponds, and provide natural nesting sites to mammals, birds and insects. Not only do these activities improve the health of Switzerland’s agricultural lands, to the benefit of farmers, they mitigate climate change and maintain biodiversity.