Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement’s mission is to educate young people about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work-force readiness. The charity reaches 250,000 students across the country each year. JA has a range of programs incorporating theoretical and experiential learning to teach entrepreneurial skills, leadership and business skills, investment knowledge, personal finance strategies and communication skills for success. Its flagship is the Company Program, in which students in grades nine through 12 learn how to create, develop, operate and market a business. Each year, companies compete within their charters to be recognized as the best businesses. The Foundation supports the new Junior Achievement Canadian Youth Leadership Conference, which will bring together 150 highly dedicated participants identified through the Company Program and provide them with a learning conference in the summer of 2019. This will include lectures by industry leaders from various sectors, a high-level competition between the Company winners of all the charters across the country, and a problem-solving challenge in which students who have never met will collaborate on teams. At the end, Achievers will have developed their leadership skills, networked and built relationships with their peers across the country.