McCall MacBain Foundation Disburses $1M Pandemic Response Fund

Geneva, Switzerland (April 7, 2020) The COVID-19 pandemic is evolving every day and the McCall MacBain Foundation recognizes the importance of responding with flexibility, and deepening support where it is needed most.

Flexible Support for Grantees

Many of the McCall MacBain Foundation’s existing grantees are navigating disruptions to their programs and services and responding to unforeseen community needs. The Foundation is committed to providing grantees with the flexibility to redirect funding as needed, and is working with each of our grantees on a case-by-case basis. We invite our grantees to contact us at any time; we’re committed to supporting you as your circumstances evolve.

Pandemic Response Fund

The McCall MacBain Foundation has also distributed $1,000,000 to support our affinity communities through this crisis. This funding has been allocated to grantees in three areas:

  1. Acute support to the local communities of Niagara Falls, Huron County, Geneva, Montreal and Vancouver.
  2. Support for students facing unforeseen financial difficulties at McGill and McMaster Universities.
  3. International humanitarian support through Doctors Without Borders.

The Foundation was pleased to support Project SHARE, Niagara Falls Community Outreach, and YWCA Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls; the Gateway Centre of Excellence in Rural Health, Huron Perth Public Health, and Blyth Festival in Huron County; Association GVA2 in Geneva; Centraide and the YMCA’s French virtual supports in Montreal; and the Vancouver Foundation and Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation in Vancouver.

The Foundation is grateful for the incredible work each of these organizations is doing to support the health and wellbeing of those in need during this difficult time.