Climate Change & Environment

We believe that climate change is the single most pressing problem facing our planet and that we must all do our part to address it.

The McCall MacBain Foundation is dedicated to working with effective and impactful organizations to help address the devastating effects of climate change and preserve the environment.

John McCall MacBain was the Founding Chair of the European Climate Foundation and the Foundation has been a major donor since 2009. We also support conservation and sustainable economic development through Nature United and policy research and regulatory reform through the Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy.

The Foundation is developing a new strategic plan for the Climate Change & Environment Fund, anticipating the process will be complete by late 2019.

Spotlight on Our Grantees

The European Climate Foundation (ECF)

ECF was created by a group of philanthropic foundations to collboratively invest in research, policy development, and advocacy in order to increase the political and policy viability of pursuing a net-zero carbon future. John McCall MacBain was...

Nature United

Formerly known as TNC Canada, Nature United puts investing in people to drive change at scale, advancing reconciliation with indigenous peoples, and innovating to advance natural climate solutions at the core of its work. Its philosophy is to...

The Yale Centre for Environmental Law and Policy (YCELP)

YCELP is a thought leader, source of policy analysis, dialogue convener, and catalyst for action towards a sustainable future. It provides teaching, research and outreach support on several environmental issues including global pollution...