What we do

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The McCall MacBain Foundation (MMF) was founded in 2007 and since then has been committed to improving the welfare of humanity through focused grants in education, health and the environment. Initially the MMF operated on a regional-based approach, with a strategy to develop and encourage best practices and policies in multiple areas related to improving the human condition, with a strong emphasis on improving maternal health, adult literacy, and reducing risks associated with climate change.

The Foundation Directors began by identifying a select few strategic partners in relevant areas, and began the Foundation’s philanthropic journey.

Liberia was chosen because of its acute post-conflict situation and demonstrated need. The MMF wanted to invest in organizations that shared its vision to generate local sustainable solutions and seek equitable distribution of health and educational resources. We engaged with partners early to ensure a sustainable program and believe that working with local communities and respecting cultural differences are essential for the success of our projects.

Supporting education programs has been a successful experience, including our support for scholarships, fellowships, professorial chairs and development education programs (primarily in Liberia). As a result, while continuing to support selected health and environmental programs, the MMF expects to make education-related activities the primary area of its focus.