Landmark GBP 75 million (US$ 117.5) donation advances next hundred years of the Rhodes Scholarships

The Rhodes Trust

September, 2013

The McCall MacBain Foundation announces today, on 19 September 2013, that it has made the largest donation to the Rhodes Trust since Cecil Rhodes founded the world’s oldest scholarship in 1903. Through the Rhodes Scholarship, Bill Clinton, six Commonwealth Prime Ministers, three Nobel Prize winners and nearly 8,000 young leaders from around the world have been able to attend the University of Oxford.

The gift, the largest since the establishment of the Scholarship in 1903, will enable the Trust to continue to send future global leaders to the University of Oxford. It consists of a £25 million grant, a £25 million challenge/match donation to encourage additional fundraising for a total of £50 million, and a future £25 million to expand the Scholarships into new geographies.

Read the Rhodes Trust Press Release.

Sept 2013 – John & Marcy McCall MacBain in Oxford during the Rhodes Trust’s 110th Anniversary celebration next to the plaque naming John McCall MacBain as the Rhodes Trust’s Second Century Founder.


Researchers challenged to match foundation grant

Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Australia

September, 2013

The McCall MacBain Foundation has granted AUD $500,000 and has made a further match challenge of up to AUD $1 million to the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, in the area of maternal health, by supporting research for the Inhaled Oxytocyn Project, which is aimed at reducing maternal mortality in women during childbirth.

Read the full Monash University press release.

Exterior of the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences which houses, amongst other departments, the Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation at which the Inhaled Oxytocin Project is based.  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on August 28, 2013.

Exterior of the Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences which houses, amongst other departments, the Centre for Drug Candidate Optimisation at which the Inhaled Oxytocin Project is based. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia on August 28, 2013.


Mandela Rhodes scholarships 10th Anniversary

Mandela Rhodes Foundation

September, 2013

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation celebrated its 10th Anniversary in July 2013, raising a total of R106 million (USD $10.8 million), including a R25 million (USD $2.5 million) gift and R31.5 million (USD $3.2 million) match from the McCall MacBain Foundation. Read full article.

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation aims to build leadership excellence in Africa.

“The intention to establish The Mandela Rhodes Foundation was announced in February 2002 when The Rhodes Trust, as part of its centenary celebrations, entered into a partnership with Mr Mandela and pledged a founding benefaction over 10 years.

The Mandela Rhodes Foundation is a unique partnership seeking to close a circle of history for the benefit of current and future generations of Africans. It brings together the 20th century legacy of leadership and reconciliation embodied by Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, and Cecil John Rhodes’s 19th century legacy as it relates specifically to education and entrepreneurship”. Read more on

Evidence Aid wins 2013 Unorthodox Prize Award of $10,000

Evidence Aid (Queen's University Belfast)

September, 2013

In September 2013, Evidence Aid announced it is the winner of the second Unorthodox Prize winner, and has been awarded $10,000.

The three main reasons the Unorthodox Prize states it chose Evidence Aid as the winner are:

“We chose Evidence Aid for several reasons. First, its founder, Professor Mike Clarke, […], and the organization itself seem outstanding, with great reputations in their field. Consequently, we believe Evidence Aid has an excellent chance of achieving its ambitions, perhaps more than other proposals we received. Second, Evidence Aid is a definite “misfit,” in that it falls outside the traditional issue categories of most funders. Thus, funding resulting directly and indirectly from our prize could be instrumental to its success. Third, we have been on the lookout for philanthropic opportunities in which a time-limited, targeted, and cost-effective intervention could have a big and sustained positive impact on the world’s most disadvantaged people. Mitigating the lasting impacts of disasters, which are disproportionately felt by the poor, is indeed a fertile area for such opportunities.”

Read the full press release here.

New Chair in Health Law and Policy at Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University

September, 2011

The McCall MacBain Foundation has donated CAD $3 million to establish the MacBain Chair in Health Law and Policy at Dalhousie’s Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada. The MacBain Chair will have a combination of teaching and research responsibilities and will make Dalhousie the largest active health law and policy faculty in Canada.

Opening of C.B. Dunbar maternity hospital in Gbarnga

December, 2010

CB Dunbar Health Complex is the first obstetric hospital in a rural area of Liberia, and it is situated in Gbarnga, Bong County. It was inaugurated by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Sunday 5 December 2010.

The construction of the facility was co-funded by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) and the McCall MacBain Foundation, through a grant to the NGO Médecins du Monde, who were in charge of the supervision of the work and are now running the facility until it it will be handed over to the MoHSW in 2013.

Monrovia gets additional 75-seater transport buses

November, 2008

On Saturday 22 November 2008, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf officially announced that the Monrovia Transit Authority received 10 buses from the McCall MacBain Foundation (with the administrative support of the Liberian Education Trust).

The McCall MacBain Foundation povided a grant of about USD 500,000 to secure the purchase of the ten buses to improve Monrovia’s public service.

Children going to school will pay a minimum fee to board the buses.