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2012 Stichting European Climate Foundation | McCall McBain Foundation

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2012 Stichting European Climate Foundation

Stichting European Climate Foundation, The Netherlands
Supporting Europe's commitment to climate change action
Start Date

This grant is to provide general support to the Stichting European Climate Foundation (ECF), established in 2008 to promote climate and energy policies that reduce Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions, and support Europe in providing a leadership role in international climate change mitigation.

The McCall MacBain Foundation was one of the co-founders of the ECF, with John H. McCall MacBain serving as Chairman from its establishment until 2012. Alliances and partnerships are made with NGO’s, government, and the business sector, and the organization has 5 different programs: Energy Efficiency Programme, Power Programme, Transport Programme, EU Climate Policies Programme, Global Climate Policies Programme.
The ECF is affiliated with the ClimateWorks Network and is the core of the ClimateWorks system in Europe.The ECF’s aim is to lead Europe’s transformation to a Low Carbon Economy, meaning a reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% in 2020 and at least 80% in 2050.