2008 Maternal mortality program strengthening and support

Liberia has a Maternal Mortality rate of 994/100,000, which is one of the highest in the world. The local NGO Liberia Prevention for Maternal Mortality (LPMM) is part of the Regional Prevention of Maternal Mortality (RPMM, headquarters in Accra, Ghana), an organization engaged in activities aimed at reducing maternal and neonatal deaths in West Africa. Since 1999, LPMM has been working in Monrovia and its suburbs to strengthen maternal services delivery, collect maternal data, mobilize and sensitize on the prevention of maternal and neonatal deaths.

With the financial support of MMF, LPMM is extending its methodology and approach to other parts of the country, starting with Bong County.
The goal of this grant is to contribute to the reduction maternal and neonatal mortality in Bong county and supporting the work and efforts of local NGOs. LPMM activities include training of traditional midwives, data collection and quality controle of care in clinics of Bong County.

In 2010, MMF renewed its support to LPMM to continue their work in Bong County, with an additional new component of training for certified midwives on post-miscarriage care.

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